For all of you that cursed the cold this past winter, I hope you’re enjoying this thoroughly roasting weather that has set upon us.   In a typical summer, this will be the norm thru the end of September.  Kind of takes it all out of you when you have to be out working all day.


This weekend, you can sit inside with a cold one in the air conditioning and go over the Recon Patrol Planning Exercise that Max has pulled together for us in his superbly expert fashion.  You get the Google map, the backgrounder and the objectives.  This is the sort of thing we have been working towards all spring, so here you go.  Do it now.

Area-Of-Operations Tiger

You can go look at the cows here:,-78.820752&num=1&t=h&z=18


You can find the link to Max’s site over on the sidebar.


Over at Sierra 12, there is a very good article on Tactical Medical  considerations that goes over the aspects of just why you carry an IFAK.  Doesn’t go too far into TCCC or too far into Field Medicine for Dummies.  Just a well-rounded article to keep you focused on yet another aspect of “Field Work”.

“Being able to find the bang switch on your battle rifle is just a small portion of an overall combat effective team member.  Marksmanship, tactical mindset, medical training, land navigation, fieldcraft, physical fitness, survival skills, escape and evasion, and generally just good people skills are all part of the full package.  You don’t need to be an expert on everything, being the jack of all trades and master of none is often times proven to provide a much more well-rounded team member.”

Chest Seal Application S12

Sierra 12 link over on the sidebar.



Yet another YouTube video, this one from SouthernPrepper1 done a few years back when he was planning for a WROL scenario and making his rural retreat, on Militias.  There are almost a dozen videos he made on the subject of WROL and each one is worth watching.  This particular one is here:


Speaking of shooting, our Combat Handgun training could use a little more background info, and what better place to get that than from Rockwell Tactical, courtesy of Breach Bang Clear.


Rockwell Tactical On the Range


Finally, some more training from those Professional Adventurers and Interesting People at Death Valley Mag.  Disaster Aid Response Team.


Disasters in the community come in all different sizes and flavors; most prefixed with the phrase, “Sudden and unexpected”.  A lot of them don’t require operating the bang switch.  This is that other form of community work that we need to consider as local activities.  We might not ever need to travel to earthquake and tsunami disaster recovery efforts, but we get our share of floods and storm damage real regular like.  And Taylor, if you’re reading this, you were right about this part.