Just read, over at ITS Tactical, a story on Combat Tracker Training at Tyr Group LLC, in Louisiana.  It details the gear load-out for a tracker.  Looks like about the same amount and types of gear (except for the frag grenades) that we would be carrying.  Are those $5 stainless mugs from Walmart?  More pictures in the article and it’s a good weekend read.  All of ITS Tactical usually is.

combat tracker load R


And of course, John Hurth, of Tyr Group,  has a book, Combat Tracking Guide, that you can get for under $20 that covers the subject.  John used to be in U. S. Army Special Forces, 1st Special Forces Group, and a Ranger,  and was head instructor for the Combat Tracker course at Ft. Hauchuca, AZ.  Now retired but still training.


ISBN 978081170992

ISBN 978081170992


Tactical Tracking Badge Colored