June FTX will commence at 1300 on 14JUN at Training Area North. Scheduled activities include continuation of Combat Handgun Basics and a presentation on Communications Security. A briefing on the NC PATCON will be given by a few of the members that attended.

There is a trend right now of Militia to Militia outreach, probably spurred by the events in Bunkerville. This is a good thing as historically, Bigfoot is easier to find than local militia units. Typically, the only time you see any references to militia units and members is when some little unit is infiltrated by those crafty FBI or ATF folks and then they get exploited and portrayed as blood-thirsty crazies by the media. Those kind of events push most militia types into keeping very low profiles.

 This is changing, locally, as evidenced by representatives of four regional Militias attending the NC PATCON. Hopefully there will be a few more show up at the Fall NC PATCON and this may eventually turn into a subset of events on that schedule. It isn’t very likely that there will ever be a regional convention specifically for militia members to attend. After all, we are the Unorganized Militia and are highly unaccustomed to receiving a friendly sounding invite from total strangers at a an unfamiliar location. Something else to add to our list of “The Top 1000 Things We Need to be Working On”. This might be a starting point:


Speaking of things we need to be working on, there was a good story in this months issue (#12) of RECOIL magazine on blow-out kits and IFAKS. Here is a picture of one of the kits made with a pouch from our good buddies at Grey Ghost Gear:




Last month we added two videos down there in the Training Videos section on handgun basics. One was by Tiger Valley out of Dallas and the other by Darkwood Defense in Monson,  Massachusetts. Good shooting in each. Neither will make you a top-notch shooter, but like getting good at any skill, it helps to see what it’s like when done right.

This month, BreachBangClear has a good story about a two-day Critical Handgun Employment shooting class at Sentinel Concepts, run at the Tango Down shooting range in Martinsburg, WV.
This class was about making personal improvements in speed and accuracy, and mostly shot at 25 yards. This looks like a good course, not just because they don’t wast a lot of time letting people shoot at 5 yards, where you can pretty much throw your pistol at someone and hit them, but because the drills were done with a pacing that let everybody keep up and do things right. Second Day photos say it all:





Finally, a follow-up story from the professional adventurers and interesting people at Death Valley magazine. Back at the beginning of the year, Tom Moore started the Tomahawk Scout School at Death Valley Training Center as a $100 online computer based course in 13 chapters, and now is about to start live training in Nevada. The training is based on the U. S. Army Apache Scout training, and yes, Tom was an Army Scout and Airborne Pathfinder and heads up “Dude, You’re Screwed” on the Discovery Channel. For everyone that would like us to undertake a common basic training course, this would be about as good as you can ask for. It covers:

Fundamental Tomahawk Scout skills
General Wilderness Survival
Tracking Humans and Animals
Fire making
Shelters (natural and man-made)
Camp selection and setup
Acquiring and purifying water
Scout Equipment Selection
Scout Patrol Food and Cooking
History of the U.S. Army Apache Scouts

 Tomahawk Scouts Patch


There are other things in the works. We’re halfway thru this year and got a lot of training yet to squeeze in by winter.