Next FTX is 18MAY.  Time and place to be determined.  Some of us will be at the NC PATCON.  May do a little PR and recruiting.  Should be a pretty good  AAR from NC PATCON at the FTX.

April FTX  was modified at the last-minute, for drizzly weather,  and was a success.  We are setting a trend this year towards more FTX’s.  And we finally sent a little money to Brock to contribute to the expense of running the NC  PATCON.  We’ve been going twice a year since the first one and it’s time we gave something back.

We are currently working on our pistol skills with a class somewhere between basic handgun and combat pistol work.  Will have links for a few related YouTube videos soon.  (Suggestions on this?)  At Rockwell Tactical Group, they use a type of paper target using different colored dots, rather than the traditional center-mass bulls-eye types.  Makes you look at the target differently and utilizes the paper better.  Think of it as “sensitivity training with lead.”



James has an interesting challenge for us over at Death Valley Magazine this month:  wear your gear at home for a week.  Should help you figure out what works and where.



One final thing for you to consider.  There exists technology to detect the presence of people in a room, from outside, through the walls.  Pretty sure this is another expensive bit of tech developed for one thing,  like search and rescue, but is starting to see some use by the increasingly militarized LEO’s.  Anyone seen these units in use in these parts?  Probably won’t work with Zombies.