Max had a guest blogger named “Skittles” write,  at length, about the role of long-range shooters in Small Unit Tactics.  Not purely in the role of sniper but more than just Squad Designated Marksman.

The comments section over there  flew into a pedigree frenzy about who was a sniper, and that was a distraction.  Well,  we’re not the military here (insert laugh-trak here)  and about the only paper we want to see is that piece nailed to  a post about 200 yards down range.  Talk, talk, talk, or bang, bang, bang.  One is more important than the other.


Pumkin meets 300 Mag Front R

Pumkin  meets 300 Mag Back R

One of the little jewels that stood out was this:

For this article’s intents and purposes, the squad will be compromised of 13 men. It will consist of three fire teams of two buddy pairs and a squad leader that is free floating and attached to the team he deems necessary at the time. Fire teams Alpha and Bravo will each be a fire team consisting of two rifleman buddy pairs. Fire team Charlie will consist of two buddy pairs made of one assault scout and one rifleman. The squad organization and number of assault scouts and rifleman can and will change according the squad leader’s discretion and the mission demands. For this article, however, this is our setup.