Historically, there have been several militia sites in the past that have started threads on various scenarios.  The threads usually get a very enthusiastic response.  Then the heavy duties follow-up and hammer out a detailed end-to-end solution.  Then the various trolls and wussies show up and try to create chaos and distractions.  A few sites have even gone as far as to completely scrub the discussion boards with a warning that these kind of discussions might leave a negative impression on potential new members that may be browsing for the first time and/or this is dangerous and attracts attention from the wrong kind of people.  So they end up doing nothing.  And you know that’s a crappy way for things to be.

This year, we will start some scenarios as thought experiments.  By not publishing everybody’s comments, we will hopefully avoid the traps of the past that lead to failure.  Spend some time playing thru the scenario and come up with your own solution(s).  If you hit a wall, help  is just an email away.  These scenarios will be discussed at the FTF meetings and really good ones might turn up at the next FTX.

This month’s scenario is submitted by a member.

Some unspecified disaster makes all roads are impassable. No vehicle traffic is possible. Big roads, little roads.  Can’t be seen on the roads.    This could possibly be due to an extreme weather event like a hurricane or a widespread snow/ice storm.  And this could be similar to events after the Boston Marathon bombing where everyone was (ordered) told to shelter-in-place, “for your own protection”.  Anyway, you are at work when the disaster happens and your instinct says you have to leave work and head home.

This is an exercise that will require your LAND-NAV and survival skills.  You are not being actively hunted, but there is the risk of being picked-up and detained by “the authorities” if you get too careless during your mission.  Like being seen traveling the roads.
This is not about VIPER road blocks, sealing off the cities after a financial collapse, or a large-scale invasion from anywhere on or off the planet.  (Those are different scenarios, and will be taken up at another time.) 

Plan your route, using all currently available means of tactical route analysis, and book/experiential knowledge available.  You are limited to your existing, real-world personal resources.   Assume current likely weather; assume no commercial comm or internet available.


Develop your personal “Get Home Plan”
1) E&E planning
2) bugout/get-home-bag spec
3) what does your family need to plan on doing until you make it home

Work on this.  Next FTF is on the 19th.