Infantry Wedge Formation

FM 21-75 Fig 3-7

“So You’re At The Rally Point When You Realize No One Else Has A Clue…”

Things have taken a turn for the worse in America and Martial Law has been declared. The President has gone on National Television and given the U.S. Population notice that he has asked for and will receive a UN Peacekeeping Contingent of Foreign Troops to aid U.S military forces in the policing of American towns and cities. He has also ordered the immediate confiscation of all firearms and ammunition in civilian hands.

Naturally, patriotic Americans are not taking this very well, and have become willing to finally stand up to this latest and absolute “line-crossing” treasonous act.

Men begin to arrive at the local watering holes to decide what course of action they will undertake to resist the now abundantly clear tyrannical takeover of their country and private property. Most have come armed with their weapons and whatever tactical gear they have acquired, but unfortunately, most have no military experience or basic tactical training to draw from. There is however, some that do possess the skills that are needed to deliver not only an effective defense of the surrounding area, but also a working knowledge of conducting offensive combat operations directed at the un-friendly forces headed their way. After a bit of heated pedigree exchange, the man who rises to the top is agreed upon to act as tactical leader of the local FreeFor Resistance.

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