While we were at the NC PATCON, Kris put up the details of how to restrain the bad habits built into your computer’s Intel processor by none other than the NSA.


And he included a link to another site with everything you need to know about one time pads for messaging.



Upcoming Training Opportunities

We all need to work on our training, because, just like you’ve heard before, you can’t get enough training.  And there are plenty of training opportunities going on right around here.  Some are pretty cheap (or free), while some would cost me almost a week’s pay, just for the class.  We’re doing pretty good to do our own camp craft and land-nav work, but some of the other skills might be best learned somewhere that is specifically set up for the task.  Mosby recently addressed this point here:


Grey Group Training is offering one of their great three-day pistol and carbine gunfighter classes starting the 9th of  November down in Carthage. Only $750, plus bring your own thousand rounds each of carbine and pistol ammo for the three days.  Don’t forget your cleaning kit.


Mason Dixon Tactical will be holding their Rural Team Tactics “A” course in the spring.  Date to be determined.  Spring thaw is usually around mid March up in West Virginia.   $400 at Echo Valley Training Center.  Need 200 rounds of carbine and pistol ammo plus that many again of blank rounds.


Nature Reliance School has a wilderness survival basics three-day course at Versailles, KY on   November 1-3.  Only $150.  They run rain or shine.


Randall’s Adventure and Training is offering a three-day course Ditch Medicine: Wilderness Medic on  March 7-9.  $150.  Location is Alabama.


The Pathfinder School is offering a 3 day basic survival class December 6-9.  $400.  Primitive camping at Lake Alma State Park in south-eastern Ohio.


Max Velocity is offering a few Combat Rifle/ Contact Drills classes over the winter.  March 15th and 16th would be a good time to go.  $400 for the weekend.  Bring around 500 carbine rounds.