August FTF went well at the new site.  Discussed emergency communications and the need for communications security protocols.  Also discussed NCPATCON and the upcoming November FTX.  September FTF will be at the same site at 1300 on the 29th.  If you have recently purchased the recommended handheld radio, we will try programming them with the same parameters at that meeting.

NCPATCON is 2 – 7 October.

Georgia Force On Force is holding a one day training (airsoft)  event on 5 October at their field.  Only $30 per person for the day.  Bring your own gear. 

Over at BlackScout, a story from Adam Ticknor, former RECON Marine and Scout Sniper on the survival skill of stealth.

Adam Ticknor 14

Some professional agents of change are trading in their emergency survival altoid tins and shopping for something new.  This one from Austere Provisions isn’t too pricey ($140) if you think you may have to be “working out-of-town again”.


A really good Land-Nav course (with lots of pictures) can be had as a pdf from Jeff Randall’s Adventure and Training.

The November two-day training class (free) in Alabama is already full.   Ready for downloading over on the sidebar.


Supplemental –


Just missed a good training op given at Defensive Training Group up in Michigan on the 24th.  Will try to find and post more training opportunities.  We can’t always assume there will be more.