June FTF AAR.  Had a good break in the rain for June FTF.  Looks like we’re finalizing selection of components for the iFAK project.   The push on Land-Nav was once again  gone over from the beginning for a few new arrivals.  Did not get to cover air-soft training – delayed to next meeting.  Next FTF will be 28 JULY.

A book to read this month is Suburban Survival by Joe Snuffy.  Goes over a lot of material from a survivalist point of view, covering gardening, rifle selection (he likes 5.45 x 39), PT, and how to avoid detection of activities around your compound by aerial observation.

ISBN 9781478342038

ISBN 9781478342038


And let’s not forget the Fall 2013 NCPATCON is 3 – 7 OCT this year.  Time to start planning.