A collection of unrelated topics.  Nonetheless useful.

From  Max  — a note on clothes brighteners.  Never wash your Propper A-TAC BDU’s (or Grateful Dead T-Shirt, depending on the required camo pattern of the day) in regular detergents. Those brighteners make your UV and IR signatures brighter too.  You deer hunters already know about this.


At the March FTX, we had a little discussion on the recon wrap.  A pretty handy piece of headgear that takes up hardly any space and almost no weight.  The recon wrap can be had cheaply from these two places:



Another little book to read that has nothing to do with combat but everything to do with being in combat, is this book,  Combat Devotions, by John Gardner.    Not to get all churchy on you, and I’m not very good at that either, but if you’re not talking with God regularly these days, now would be a good time to start.

ISBN 9781934368251

ISBN 9781934368251

This weekend, pick any two training info sites and find something to do.  Then do it.  We’re going to have to pick up the pace.  Hope you didn’t get much storm damage out your way.  It missed me, again.