LAND-NAV always puts me to sleep.  It’s mostly boring.  “Here’s your map.  Here’s your map tool.  You locate the intersection of LAT and LON near your Point Of Interest, then put your map tool at that intersection and figure out the grid until you get something like 4QFJ12346789.  Then you take today’s code table and encode it before you send it. ”   Maybe today that would be JJJJ52147711.  You know exactly where that 10 meter by 10 meter square is and only those with today’s code will be able to figure out where on the planet that special square is.  Could be a building with strategic material or personnel in it.  Could be your re-supply cache location.  Could be your secondary extraction point.  Could be in the middle of nowhere that will be easy to get to.  Could be the south-east corner of a parking deck on level 3 in the trunk of a blue Toyota that will require a little finesse to get to without drawing too much attention and avoiding the security cameras.  Whatever.  It’s important to know how to read a map and use a map tool.  And if it’s important, then you have to learn it.

GR4 UTM Joint Plotter

There are numerous reasons to navigate to a certain location.  Sometimes you will have to approach from a certain direction within a certain window in time and respond to a certain sequence of signal flashes with the correct reply sequence of flashes.  Potentially severe consequences for getting this wrong.  And there’s a tool for that.

SAR Tool

Yes, it does look like stainless steel dog tags made into a signaling device.  No, it doesn’t need batteries, and yes, it’s light weight,  nearly indestructible, water proof to deeper than you can dive and live, and clips onto just about anything.  Handy.  And professionally painted in one of those darker shades of green that we’re all so fond of.