March FTF will be on the 24th again.  Plan “A” will be at Tom’s pond again, with Plan”B” for really bad weather.  It is March and  making the weather perfect for FTF’s is such a hit and miss proposition, after all.

Great weather for the February FTX with almost a dozen turning out.  Everyone did a demo on making fire and sampled some really good grilled chicken strips.  A simple demo on water purification was done using water straight out of the pond.  Shelter making demos turned into a general “show and tell” and we all had our share of stories.  The training on hand signals is now sourced as YouTube videos listed over on the sidebar under Training Videos.   The six part series from RPD2013 are pretty good and cover a lot of hand signals, but being produced with poor lighting makes them hard to follow at times.  In the eight minute “Hand Signals for Militia Training”, from Civilian Defense Force,  the hand signals are  much easier to follow and covers the majority of the most commonly used signals.  Number counting was left out as there is some variations in methods. Should complete item list for standardization of IFAKs  for this month’s meeting.  Discussed a variety of hand-held radios suitable for both short-range and long-range communications.   Recently received the plans for the VTAC 9-Hole stand to be used on the GSG-9 Course and discussed having a Field Day to prepare the  training field for shooting drills.

Online testing for the Amateur Radio Licensing Practice Exams can be done at: