But don’t forget your gear.  We haven’t established specific pieces of gear  as the standard to own as a Ranger.  These choices are still pretty much left to the individual to acquire according to their individual tastes and budget, as long as the function and utility is there. 

For those of you with really rich girlfriends, there should be some way for you to let “Santa” know that this year you want all matching gear from London Bridge Trading, like the Light Infantry Patrol Pack, on sale this Christmas for just a smidgen over $500, plus shipping, and carries a lifetime warranty.

Along with that really nice M6A2 SPR carbine from LWRC.  Only $2300, if you can find one.

The rest of us just have to make do with medium Alice packs from the local surplus store and a cheap Bulgarian AK-74 from Century Arms.

Decent gear can be had at a moderate price from many places, if you know what you’re shopping for.  One such place is Survival Attitude.  They sell a wide range of items that are suitable for anyone that plans on spending  some time in the outdoors, especially if your favorite color is a certain darker shade of green.

The Softie-10 Harrier is a three season sleeping bag and is always a winner with the SAS in Norway.  Should be good enough for these parts. $300.

The Stamina-40 is a medium size 40 liter back pack that could be used as a reasonable 3 day assault bag if you pack smart (ammo, socks and food – in that order).  $160

They even sell the hard to find $400 Brunton compass set up for military 6400 mil scale.

And a man’s just gotta have a good knife, like this  Mission Team-21.  $240

A couple of their YouTube videos you should watch.  They’re nothing special, just basic stuff of the boring type.  But if one day it saves your life, or more importantly, you save mine, then it’s worth a look.

Intro to Building a Basic Shelter

Intro to Backpacks Part 4

Tiger Stripe Camo

Post feedback on any of this you think might be good for us to adopt as we strive for a more organized look this year.