Thanks to everyone that did their part to ensure North  Carolina’s 15 Electoral votes went to Romney. Despite the disappointment of the election results, our Plan A still stands. 

November 4th FTF had almost a dozen in attendance.  Held about twenty minutes of AAR on NCPATCON.  Discussed planning and cost for a professional training weekend by Max Velocity late March or early April.  A suitable site has yet to be secured.  Training examples can be found in his book:

For those still pulling together their gear,  practical line gear recommendations can be found from that section of Every Citizen a Soldier website:

Still searching for artwork for an official unit patch.  Send your suggestions to Eric.

Starting in January, and prior to the training weekend with Max, the following training schedule has been proposed, from a recent article by Mosby:

Reading the entire article is highly recommended.

This year, again, there won’t be a scheduled December FTF.  Those of us with jobs that still have overtime opportunities will need to take advantage of them whenever possible.

A last-minute post-election note: