September FTF will be held at 1300 on the 30th at the park.  October PATCON begins the following Thursday.  Finalize your plans to go.

The one big concept central to the mission of the Rangers is providing assistance to our community during emergency conditions.    A recent essay by Matt Bracken discusses at length a possible economic collapse scenario, where major rioting results when EBT cards become worthless  and predicts the eventual burnout of local law enforcement having to contain the riots.  There are also historical events cited, detailed from the economic collapse in other countries, where local militias rose to the occasion, deployed small rapid response teams, and  provided an  alternate means of riot control and protect the local citizenry.   Currently over 350 comments at WRSA.

For those without some background or experience in either the Kosovo or Mogadishu theaters, you can read up on them at the links.

Also this month,  Lizard Farmer   has a story on breaking contact and  American Mercenary has  a story detailing how to equip a small team (for you gear hounds).  More practices for us to adopt.

My fondness for knives was recently drawn to this offering.  Anyone that would like to make  a personal gift of this, let me know…

Squad School is offering an Intro to Survival class the third week of October.  The trainer will be John Hawse, Army Sniper.  From the course ran back in August: