August FTF was held on the 26th..  The weather was perfect for a cook-out.  Along with almost a dozen regulars, there were three first time visitors.  There was a general overview of uniforms and gear given for their benefit.

The topic of state-wide communications was again brought up.  Plans are for this to be accomplished using a mix of various amateur radio gear for mobile and base operations and that will require most of us to earn a radio license.  Also, the necessity of establishing state-wide protocols and procedures will have to go through a committee process to ensure uniform messaging throughout all the county units.  This needs to be introduced for wider discussion at the October PATCON.  Anyone interested in participating on this committee, or needing help in getting an amateur radio license should post a note here and someone will contact you directly.

The October PATCON, held 4 – 7 OCT will be used as our October FTX, with certain limitations that will be explained during the September FTF.  (Date to be announced.)  If you are making plans to attend but might  need transportation or gear,  post a note here or contact Eric.

Finally, we have had a few people cycle through our Ranger unit over the past few years and the contact list will be purged and updated this fall quarter.  Please make sure your current contact info gets to Eric as soon as possible.