No officially scheduled meeting in December.  Should any of your paths cross during this very busy time of the year, spend a few minutes on fellowship and make plans for the January meeting.

The Liberty Summit, initiated by T. L. Davis in Midway, TN, is about to have all public discussion and planning draw to a close.  While that’s winding down, we should be holding our own discussions, in preparation for the date and place announcement from T. L.

By now you know the NCRC site is gone and the temporary Meet-Up site has followed suit.  There is no getting them back.  A collection of web links, a contact list, and a very little amount of material printed from the site is all that remains here.  Anything else, it’s all ours, and there’s a real mans’ job ahead of us.

John Conner, in the fourth Terminator movie has that famous line, “If you’re listening to this transmission, you are the Resistance”.