My best guess is the Rangers have decided to “Go Gault” on us and have taken their website down, without any fanfare or advance notice.  That makes a special statement that we should all take note of and recognize their absence, according to Gault theory.  They will be greatly missed.

While we may be the last Rangers with a website, we are not alone.  There are a lot of other Rangers out there.  Seek them out and learn what you can.  There is much yet to be done and all of it can be accomplished without the internet.  We could forsee the time when we’d loose it anyway.  The structure of organizing local and connecting your groups regionally can work today, just as it did for those patriots back in the mid 1700’s.  Alamance County Rangers are but just one out of the one hundred counties in the state, and though we can’t replace the excellent site with all the fancy bells and whistles that made the NC Ranger Corps site great, we can serve as “the light in the window” left on for those that might still be out there still trying to find their way.

For those of you that just never could make it to your local FTF meetings, irregular that they are,  you need to decide here and now, that you will attend the next one, because from here on out that’s all there is.  You either make those connections and get to know us in person, face to face, or you can just sit it out and hope that everything will turn out just fine and you won’t have to do a darn thing.  When the next disaster hits, maybe it won’t affect us.  But when (not if) it gets really, really bad, what are your chances of getting through it unprepared?  How quickly will you run out of options?  Weeks?  Days?  Hours?  Minutes?  Tick. Tick. Tick.