October 2014 Notes

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October FTF will commence at 1300 on the 26th back at the river park for the last scheduled meeting this year. Items to be discussed are AAR NCPATCON, AAR September FTX, and next years schedule. If you have some ideas for training next year, or want to do more of some of those things we did this year, this would be your chance to make that recommendation. Tentatively, the 2015 Training schedule will have one FTX each month starting in January. If you had a good time freezing your little behinds at last November FTX, you’ll really enjoy training in January. Training, as always, will include exercises in Land-NAV, Field First-Aid, Camp Crafts, and Team Movements. Something new for this year will be individual Squad FTF or FTX exercises separate from the regular Unit FTX. This should help work out some of the details at the Squad level that need more work than time permits at the Unit Training level. Contact your Squad Leader for that schedule of events, soon as it gets finalized.


AAR for NCPATCON October 2014 -

A little fewer people in attendance this fall than back in the spring. A few first-timers. Had an extensive lecture on the Ebola virus. Also an extensive round table discussion of topics for next PATCON and some of that may involve us. Jim Hicks was there with his series of post-SHTF books called “Seasons of War”. And so many really great items were raffled off. Brock and Dixie are always such good hosts and after six of them, I can’t imagine holding the NCPATCON anywhere else. Next NCPATCON is 13 – 18 MAY 2015.

September 2014 Supplemental

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Roses Are Red


Two articles from Chris Sajnog,‭ ‬a former SEAL and Director of Training at‭ ‬Center Mass Group, in San Diego, are at ITS Tactical.

The first reminds us that getting good at being a gun-fighter can be accomplished with more practice more so than watching another DVD on techniques. If you want to get good at spotting your target while drawing your sidearm, then shooting quickly once you’re on target, well, you’re just going to have to get out to the range and do it. A lot. And then later, go back and do it again. A lot. You think it would be easy? You think being the #2 best shooter in a gun-fight will work good enough for you?


Good thing is, Chris goes on to offer to get you on the right track for your firearms training needs. Personally. Here is a sample from the Center Mass Group site:


But you have to do three things first: decide what your goals are for your training; determine where you are along the road to getting to that goal; and assess how much you are driven to achieve your goals. He goes on to say, “If you’re not measuring your training, what you’re doing is called playing.” A lesson to us all.



CMG Logo

From those Professional Adventurers and Interesting People at Death Valley Magazine, a little guidance on E&E from an active protective professional presently performing contract duties in the Middle East, with well over 15 years of military, high risk contracting, international training and martial arts experience.




“Remember, the purpose of this little beauty is to promote evading enemy capture and support being found by the good guys. It supplements all the other war gear I haul around and is not an operational centerpiece I think about every day. It’s a true grab and go combination and part of a layered system.”

“This isn’t a ditty bag with comfort items; it’s about the business of personal survival. I want to have the rudiments needed to hoof it alone, survive, and support my rescue and my team mates if called for. What’s in your E&E Bag?”

 Details here:


And a last minute reminder that Venezuela just opened 60 brand new Citizen Disarmament Centers to help reduce that country’s murder rate.  Since banning private ownership of guns in the spring of 2012, the murder rate in Venezuela increased to the second highest in the world. Honduras is number one with 91 murders per 100,000 residents.  Another, “Can’t Happen Here” moment.



Another Son of Liberty

September 2014 Notes

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September FTX will commence at noon on the 20th up at Training Area North.  This is primarily the annual Unit Readiness Assessment.  Bring your gear.  Other topics will be the 2015 training schedule and the NC PATCON in October.  Brock has had to move the sign-up date  to 6SEPT with payment NLT 18SEPT.  Details here.  We need to participate and contribute a little again this time.  Lots of work to host 100+ guests for the weekend.

One item of gear that you should all have is the Universal Bug-Out Bag.  Your “GO BAG”.   Ol’ Remus recently wrote a bit about this at The Woodpile Report

“No, he means the more interesting bugout bag. The real bugout bag. The one you have for bugging out the back door when the howling mob is crashing through the front door. This bugout bag lives within a universe of stories familiar to all who nurse a doomsday dialogue, you know, the one with the “I told you so” motif wrapped around a Robinson Crusoe adventure, except with deciduous trees and centerfire cartridges. The story where Ye Olde Rule of Games applies: this game is no game. Background music by Wagner.”

“This is the bag we lavish our attention on. It’s an alpha male thing, a behind-enemy-lines thing, a new moon and Marine crawl thing. Everything’s camouflaged or stainless steel or mindful of infrared. The Selous Scouts would have killed for our kit, the CIA would rewrite their manuals if they only knew. This is the bugout bag we’re talking about here. Skivvies and socks were special order. Even the straps have straps. The carabiners are in matte no-glare, maybe even Woodland. We have a picture of it with the contents laid out, inventory style. The picture is a month old and therefore out of date. Aside: no photo of a bugout bag has ever been published without this caveat. Late at night we wonder if there’s room for a thermos-size cold fusion generator. If we had a thermos-size cold fusion generator. That bag.”

A quick story on this new “Wraith” AR style rifle by  HPF,  made extensively with carbon fiber at Kit-Up.  Cuts over a pound of the normal unadorned AR, and that’s about the weight of an extra magazine.



Also from Kit-Up,  a former NCTC Cartographer has started a little mapping enterprise called Hunterra MappingMakes custom maps combining terrain map data with some aerial photography.  A bit pricey, but if you need a durable, waterproof map with lots of details, this would be it.


Added a link on the side-bar for American Defense Manufacturing.  Up in New Berlin, Wisconsin.   They make some useful parts for your AR that you can’t get anywhere else.

ADM Logo

And for your Post-SHTF shopping spree, Grey Ghost Gear now makes a simple plate carrier for those quick in-and-out trips.  Just the basics. Available in your currently favorite colours including Kryptek. Only $115. Reviewed by those little guys at Breach Bang Clear.



And don’t forget to read at INFORMOPS the how-to on fixing some of those big leaking holes in your browser.  And especially don’t forget about Thursday, 11SEPT.



August 2014 Notes

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August FTX will commence at 1400 on 17 AUG at the park.  Topics to include Local Maps and LAND-NAV (yet again) and preparing for the annual Unit Readiness Assessment next month.


A major event in recent news, not covered by major news services, was the killing of General Harry Greene by an Afghan insurgent inside  the military academy in Kabul.  The short and quick version of the story is here:



GEN Harry Greene

The longer version is here:


Currently, price and availability of both ammo and guns are returning to a pretty good level.  Historically, in the weeks immediately following the past three elections, price and availability of both ammo and guns have gone off the charts.  Just a reminder that the next few months would be a very good time to make that investment to replenish your supply of both. Bud’s Gun Shop is a good place to check online pricing.  A quick check for good 9MM ammo can be seen here:

IMI 9mm124 fmj

And to carry a good supply of ammo and other gear, there is a good quality bag made by 5.11 that makes that task easy.  Reviewed by our buddies at BreachBangClear.



Finally, added a link to another site, Information Operations, over on the sidebar.  First thing you should do is read “Things to do Today“.  There you can find the best  detailed guides for doing everything you can to “improve your online experience”.  There have been several foreign government offices falling back on older technologies to thwart the efforts of unfriendly countries (like the U.S.) exploiting their electronic communications.  Looks like the forgotten job of message runner is about to make a comeback.

Word Processor Mark I




July 2014 Supplemental

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July FTX will commence on Sunday the 20th, at 1400.  Topics to discuss are mapping, IFAKs, and the Fall 2014 schedule.  Should be an email to everybody before the 16th with more details.  If you have a topic you’d like to bring up for discussion, send an email and we’ll try to work that in. 

There are currently four militias deployed in Texas along the southern border and three in Arizona.  Chris Davis is heading up the units in Texas near Laredo.  In Arizona, Jim Gilcrest is bringing out the Minutemen Project, Operation Normandy.  Current projections from DHS says they are expecting a total of 90,000 U. A. C.s by end of summer.  The Border Patrol is now calling them “Migrants”.  Their own report is here.  You don’t need an Ivy League degree to tell this situation is out of control.



1 1 armed militias

It Works In Russia

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Weatherproof Repeater

Didn’t we just do something with one-gallon paint cans at the last PATCON?  As always, you find the most interesting things when you’re looking for something else.   This is referred to as a simplex-repeater but after watching the video several times, it looks like it would be more useful as a message box.  It contains a cheap expendable hand-held, but what makes it work is the $90 repeater unit.   And of course the paint can. 




 Saved the manual over on the sidebar.  Or go get your own:



This would be very handy if you were with the auxiliary and you wanted to make it easy for units passing thru or operating within your area to have a place to get information on where the current location of the cache is and when it is checked and refilled.  Or where there is a protected place to set up temporary camp, near good water,  while passing thru.  Or information on current activity and developments in the area.  Or where the abandoned car is that you need to put the red rag on the antenna if you need medical help.  All encrypted of course.  800+ seconds of message space.  Otherwise just parrots back whatever you say to it.  Day or night.  Rain or shine.  Unattended.  And concealed.  Could be useful.  Maybe you can think of some other uses.


JULY 2014 Notes

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For all of you that cursed the cold this past winter, I hope you’re enjoying this thoroughly roasting weather that has set upon us.   In a typical summer, this will be the norm thru the end of September.  Kind of takes it all out of you when you have to be out working all day.


This weekend, you can sit inside with a cold one in the air conditioning and go over the Recon Patrol Planning Exercise that Max has pulled together for us in his superbly expert fashion.  You get the Google map, the backgrounder and the objectives.  This is the sort of thing we have been working towards all spring, so here you go.  Do it now.

Area-Of-Operations Tiger


You can go look at the cows here:



You can find the link to Max’s site over on the sidebar.


Over at Sierra 12, there is a very good article on Tactical Medical  considerations that goes over the aspects of just why you carry an IFAK.  Doesn’t go too far into TCCC or too far into Field Medicine for Dummies.  Just a well-rounded article to keep you focused on yet another aspect of “Field Work”.

“Being able to find the bang switch on your battle rifle is just a small portion of an overall combat effective team member.  Marksmanship, tactical mindset, medical training, land navigation, fieldcraft, physical fitness, survival skills, escape and evasion, and generally just good people skills are all part of the full package.  You don’t need to be an expert on everything, being the jack of all trades and master of none is often times proven to provide a much more well-rounded team member.”

Chest Seal Application S12


Sierra 12 link over on the sidebar.



Yet another YouTube video, this one from SouthernPrepper1 done a few years back when he was planning for a WROL scenario and making his rural retreat, on Militias.  There are almost a dozen videos he made on the subject of WROL and each one is worth watching.  This particular one is here:



Speaking of shooting, our Combat Handgun training could use a little more background info, and what better place to get that than from Rockwell Tactical, courtesy of Breach Bang Clear.


Rockwell Tactical On the Range



Finally, some more training from those Professional Adventurers and Interesting People at Death Valley Mag.  Disaster Aid Response Team.


Disasters in the community come in all different sizes and flavors; most prefixed with the phrase, “Sudden and unexpected”.  A lot of them don’t require operating the bang switch.  This is that other form of community work that we need to consider as local activities.  We might not ever need to travel to earthquake and tsunami disaster recovery efforts, but we get our share of floods and storm damage real regular like.  And Taylor, if you’re reading this, you were right about this part.






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